Report a bug

If you think PCRaster did something incorrect please file a bug report. Any error messages containing the phrases: "assertion failed" or "programming error" are always related to errors in the software we should fix. Submit bug reports to the issues page on the PCRaster GitHub repository containing:

  • The problem description in as much detail as possible.

  • The PCRaster version and the Python version used

  • A zip or archive file with all data and scripts so we can reproduce the bug. If you have a large model (long script and/or much data) try to make a simpler model that still gives the same error.

  • Try sending an attachment of your screen showing possible error messages:

    1. Press PrntScrn (PrintScreen) on your Keyboard

    2. Open Paint: Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint

    3. Copy Screen in untitled: Paint Menu->Edit->Paste

    4. Save graphics File: File->Save->(type .PNG is preferred)

    5. Attach the saved file to your bug report

In case you can provide a code fix yourself please consider to submit a pull request.