PCRaster-4.1.0 test version released

We released a beta version of the upcoming PCRaster-4.1.0 release. The (user visible) changes are listed here: http://pcraster.geo.uu.nl/pcraster/4.1.0/doc/pcraster/changes.html PCRaster packages are available for:

We dropped support for Window 32 bit. If 32 bit Windows is still important for you, you can stick with the previous version of PCRaster (4.0.2). Please give this beta a spin if you have the chance. Note that since PCRaster 4, multiple versions of PCRaster can be installed side by side. You never have to uninstall a previous version if you prefer not to. Just install each new version next to the older one(s) and update the PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variables. If things don't work for you, then please let us know, and revert the environment variables to their previous settings. In case no show-stopper bugs are found, we plan to release the final version of PCRaster-4.1.0 about two weeks from now.