PCRaster 4.4.1 released

Dear PCRaster users,

we are glad to announce the release of PCRaster 4.4.1. This is a bugfix release with the following fixes:

  • We fixed a segmentation fault occurring at the end of running a QGIS qgis_process from the command line (#378, #55).

  • We fixed an incomplete conversion from numpy.nan to scalar missing values (#140).

  • We removed a deprecated mode when opening files in the Arrayed Variables module.

The new PCRaster package is available on conda-forge. Supported platforms are Linux, macOS and Windows, available for Python versions 3.8 up to 3.11.

Information on the installation procedure: http://pcraster.geo.uu.nl/pcraster/4.4.1/documentation/pcraster_project/install.html

Kind regards,