Build and install PCRaster with EasyBuild

Dear PCRaster users,

Today we present an alternative to installing PCRaster with Conda. In case you work on a HPC system where environment modules and EasyBuild are available you can simply compile your own PCRaster package!

Download the configuration file for PCRaster 4.3.3. Build our software (and potentially the required dependencies) by using the command

eb PCRaster-4.3.3-GCCcore-10.3.0-Python-3.9.5.eb --robot

After successful completion you can add PCRaster to your environment

module load PCRaster/4.3.3-GCCcore-10.3.0-Python-3.9.5

Users on the Dutch National Supercomputer Snellius can use the configuration file to locally build and use their own PCRaster. Users on other systems might need to adapt version numbers but the script should give a good start.

Happy building!