Dynamic Modelling


To provide a theoretical and practical basis for spatial and temporal modelling of environmental processes with a generic modelling language.


Persons whishing to learn how to use a generic language for spatio-temporal modeling.


This course deals with modeling of spatial processes with changes through time. It teaches how to construct Dynamic Modelling scripts for simulation of environmental processes such as runoff, plant seed dispersal and erosion, using iterations through time. The building blocks of Dynamic Modelling scripts are the PCRaster Map Algebra operators explained in the Map Algebra and Environmental Modeling course, and therefore the Map Algebra course is a prerequisite. For doing the Dynamic Modelling course, some background knowledge is needed in spatial process based modeling (eg hydrology, ecology, geology).


  • Dr. Derek Karssenberg, Utrecht University. Environmental modelling specialist.

  • Drs. Kor de Jong, Utrecht University. Developer of the PCRaster package.

  • Dr. Oliver Schmitz, Utrecht University. Developer of the PCRaster package.