Course guide

This page contains relevant information for those who participate in a PCRaster distance learning course. It is important that you read all information presented on this page once before starting with the course.


For a course one requires:

  • A computer with PCRaster Python installed.

  • An internet connection and internet browser.

  • An account to the Blackboard learning system at Utrecht University (also known as SOLIS ID or student number)

Starting the course

To start the web based course go here. Login to Blackboard using your login and password. Once you are logged in, select the Community (e.g. 'PCRaster Python - Dynamic Modelling') for which you subscribed in the 'My Communities' item, it is at the top right side of the screen.

Actions in the course material

The Blackboard environment does not provide the course text itself. It is only used for the Multiple Choice questions provided in the course material (you will have the course material as PDF or HTML). You need to enter the answers in Blackboard and get a score, including feedback. The feedback is essential as it often provides answer scripts. So do always have a look at the feedback provided after filling in the question. To get access to the questions, click on 'Questions' on the left side of the window:


To get access to a question, click on the question number (it refers to the Section):


In the next window, click on 'Begin' (right side). It opens a new window which provides the possible answers. Select the correct answer and press 'Save and submit':


Now you get a window stating you have answered the question. Click OK to view the results and the feedback: