Result = timeinput(prefixOfMap)

spatial, non spatial boolean, nominal, ordinal, scalar, directional, ldd


spatial type of prefixOfMap


This operation is used in the iterative sections (dynamic, storage and transport sections) of a dynamic model script only. For each timestep timeinput assigns to Result one map of a set of sequential maps given by prefixOfMap.

prefixOfMap refers to a set of maps that all have a filename starting with the prefix prefixOfMap. Additionally these maps contain a unique time extension Ext in their file name, directly after prefixOfMap. For each map, this time extension refers to the time at a timestep in a model run: each timestep, Result is assigned the prefixOfMapExt with the time extension Ext that corresponds with the time t(i) at the timestep i under consideration.

For each timestep i a prefixOfMapExt must be available in the PCRaster database with a time extension Ext corresponding with the time t(i) at the timestep under consideration. These maps referred to as prefixOfMap must have the following filenames. The filenames consist of 8 characters, a dot and 3 characters. This is in accordance with the ordinary rules for filenames in DOS. Each filename starts with the name of the prefix prefixOfMap. This prefix name may be maximal 8 characters long. All the remaining character positions must be used for the time extension, which is unique and different for each map. The time extension must be a whole value; the map will be assigned to Result at timestep i with time t(i) = Ext.

Two examples are given to illustrate the use of the operator. Imagine a model with startime = 4, endtime 10 and a timeslice of 2. As a result, this model consists of 4 timesteps at time 4, 6, 8, 10. During a model run, the operation timeinput(Rain) queries for maps in the PCRaster database with filenames: Rain0000.004, Rain0000.006, Rain0000.008 and Rain0000.010. These maps are assigned to Result at the sequential timesteps at time 4, 6, 8, 10.

In a model with starttime 990, endtime 1010 and a timeslice of 10, the operation timeinput(Water) will query for Water000.990, Water001.000 and Water001.010.


Maps that are reported in a model with the report keyword are stored in the database with a filename format that corresponds with the format needed for the timeinput operation. So, one model may be used to generate a set of prefix maps; these maps can be used in another model as input maps to a timeinput operation.

A stack of maps generated and stored in the database during a model run by the report keyword cannot be imported during the same model run with the timeinput operator.


This operation belongs to the group of Time operators