Result = nominal(expression)

spatial, non spatial boolean, ordinal, scalar, directional, ldd


dimension of expression nominal


If expression is a PCRaster map or a calculation resulting in a PCRaster map, it is converted: if expression is of one of the data types boolean, ordinal or ldd, the cell values on expression are assigned without change to the corresponding cells on Result; if expression is of data type scalar or direction, the values on expression are truncated.

Or the operation generates a map of nominal data type with one constant value.

If expression is not a PCRaster map, a nominal Result is generated. This is the case if expression is a number. This number must be in the domain of the nominal map type, i.e. a whole value. Result will be a map with the same location attributes as the global clone map; all cells will have the value of expression.


A cell with missing value on expression is assigned a missing value on Result.


This operation belongs to the group of Conversion and assignment

See Also

Data types, Nominal data type, Numbers and data types


  1. • pcrcalc
    Result =;
    Expr =;
    report Result = nominal(Expr);

    • python
    Expr = readmap(“”)
    Result = nominal(Expr)

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