Report a bug

If you think PCRaster did something incorrect please file a bug report. Any error messages containing the phrases: “assertion failed” or “programming error” are always related to errors in the software we should fix. Submit bug reports to the bugs and feature request page on the PCRaster sourceforge site containing:

  • The problem description in as much detail as possible.
  • A zip or archive file with all data and scripts so we can reproduce the bug. If you have a large model (long script and/or much data) try to make a simpler model that still gives the same error.
  • Try sending an attachment of your screen showing possible error messages:
    1. Press PrntScrn (PrintScreen) on your Keyboard
    2. Open Paint: Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint
    3. Copy Screen in untitled: Paint Menu->Edit->Paste
    4. Save graphics File: File->Save->(type .PNG is preferred)
    5. Attach the saved file to your bug report