Command line applicationsΒΆ

This chapter describes the usage of all command line applications in the PCRaster package. To get a the usage on the command line type the command name without any options. For example, typing:


Will give:

asc2map version: Apr 23 2011 (linux/x86_64)
USAGE:   asc2map AsciiInputFile MapOutputFile
 BLNOSDV  data type for map file.
 s c      separator character (default none or ',')
 m s      MV in AsciiInputFile (default 1E31)
 a        AsciiInputFile is Arc/Info gridascii output
 g        AsciiInputFile is genamap (report) format
 r #      nr. of lines to skip before each row
 h #      nr. of lines to skip for header
--clone f clone file