The Modflow 2005 executable

Changed in version 4.2: Previously, Modflow 2000 was used.

PCRaster Modflow executable

The Modflow executable (mf2005) shipped with our PCRaster Modflow extension is based on the USGS version 1.12.00:

Harbaugh, A.W., Langevin, C.D., Hughes, J.D., Niswonger, R.N., and Konikow, L. F., 2017, MODFLOW-2005 version 1.12.00, the U.S. Geological Survey modular groundwater model: U.S. Geological Survey Software Release, 03 February 2017,

You can obtain the original source code from the USGS Modflow 2005 page, or browse our GitHub page.

We used gfortran and gcc version 7.2 to compile the code on Linux and macOS. On Windows the executable distributed by the USGS will be used.

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