PCRaster 32-bit on Windows

The PCRaster package does not come with an automated Windows installer; you need set up the PCRaster software manually. First, the software packages necessary to run PCRaster Python models need to be available on your system, i.e. Python 2.7 and the NumPy package. Second, the PCRaster package needs to be installed.

Installing Python and NumPy

The standard Windows installation does not include a Python environment. To run PCRaster Python models you need Python 2.7 (for Windows 32bit) and the corresponding NumPy 1.8 package. You need to install them if these packages are not available on your system. The following options are feasible:

  • Users that wish for a streamlined install can use a Python distribution that includes the NumPy package such as Enthought Canopy. We ouline the necessary steps here.
  • More experienced users can download and install Python and Numpy separately.
    Note: you must install the 32bit version of Python, even if you run a 64bit Windows.
    First, download and execute the Python 2.7.6 Windows Installer. Then, download and install the NumPy 1.8 package (the download will start automatically after a few seconds).

Installing PCRaster

After setting up your Python environment you need to unpack the PCRaster package and to adjust environment variables. The necessary steps are described here.