Usage in Python

This chapter describes the usage of the PCRasterModflow extension within Python scrips. Using the extension requires the specification of the geographic extents and the creation of an extension object:

from pcraster import *

mf = initialise(clone())

This will initialise the data structures used in the extension. All operations will operate on the object mf.

The differences of Python operations to the PCRcalc syntax is minimal and therefor only brief explained: The Python extension operations have the same name and take the same arguments as the PCRcalc operations. Setting for example boundary values in PCRCalc is done by

res = mf::setBoundary(boundaryValues, LAYER);

and in Python by

mf.setBoundary(boundaryValues, LAYER)

where boundaryValues is either a string holding a filename to a spatial, scalar PCRaster map or a variable holding an object returned by the readmap operation.

See the Python example script for further operations.

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